Protection Crystal Energy Kit


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This kit contains crystal essences and energy infused stones beneficial for grounding and neutralizing negative energy, psychic attacks and EMF frequencies. Your self care routine and healing with crystal energy has never been easier with this simple to use kit. Wash with the soap, use the tincture, use the roll on and state the mantra to start off your day, complete your day or ground and balance yourself anytime of the day. When the soap is finished, use the crystal cage to wear the crystal as a necklace or place the stone in your pocket or under your pillow for continuous healing. Get everything you need to start neutralizing negative energy and fully enjoy a life of being protected and grounded with the Protection Crystal Energy kit.
Note: Vodka used in Tincture as a preserving agent. Free US Shipping.
Includes: Energy infused crystals, crystal essences tincture, roll on, daily mantra, soap, crystal cage and soap saver.

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