Experience our Exclusive Signature Complexion Perfection Peel. This Infusion Peel is a revolutionary non-chemical peel delivering long term skin benefits. By using the most potent form of Vitamin A to gently resurface the skin. This unique formulation increases circulation, delivers nutrients deep into the skin, boost immunity and stimulates collagen production. Your skin will immediately be transformed! Regular Infusion Peels continue to help your body to produce new, strong, healthier and younger looking skin, without the harsh side effects of a chemical peel. Experience the Glow. The results are cumulative, as improvements increase over a series of treatments. Best as a series of 5.
60 minutes | $150

**Recommended treatment process: every 3-6 weeks for maximum results.
Series of 3: $395
Series of 5: $675

Total Rejuvenation Peels

“The Ultimate” in Corrective Treatment Peels. If your skin desires a boost of rejuvenation,
moisture or firming, this treatment is for you. A powerful non-chemical peel customized with actives. We add enzymes and acids to firm and tighten lighten and brighten and give you an amazingly smooth and nourished skin. Your skin is not always the same, so why treat it the same, infuse it for superior results.
80 min | $185

**Recommended treatment process: every 3-6 weeks for maximum results.
Series of 3: $475
Series of 5: $795

Esthetic Add-ons

Eye Lift Treatment $18
A soothing treatment to give tired eyes a lifting effect by removing excess lymph fluid while exfoliating, firming and hydrating this delicate area! 
Collagen Mask $30
A multi-layered collagen mask that plumps skin with moisture. Also reduces inflammation and calms redness.  
Paraffin Hand Treatment $10
Paraffin is a natural emollient that adds moisture to the hands and feet while the wax is applied. It also helps create moisture in your skin long after the treatment is complete. Paraffin wax can be effective in soothing and softening calluses on hands and feet and healing dry cracked skin, especially on heels.
Aromatherapy $25-$125
Aromatherapy is an amazing all natural way to relieve stress.  It is relaxing and promotes health and well-being. We use Organic Pure Essential Oils.

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