This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Female-Treatment-9.jpgGerry Christopher Skin Care and Waxing provides a comfortable environment for clients to come to heal their skin issues holistically, be waxed professionally and correctly. And now we also have energy healing modalities. We are committed that all of our treatments achieve the healthy beautiful skin our clients have always wanted. Additionally, they experience healing – mind, body and spirit. We fulfilled that vision and also became a trusted source for our clients to become educated, comfortable and informed. Here, our mission is for your skin to be truly healthy and beautiful and that you glow with confidence!

Why Are We Different

Gerry’s philosophy is to treat the problem not the symptom. If you treat the cause of the problem, the symptoms disappear. Gerry also believes that if you educate your clients, they can make good decisions. This is extremely important. The Beauty Industry is a Billion Dollar business. People with no education or experience are making and selling skin care products. Unfortunately, they are making claims that are not true and some are even dangerous. Our Estheticians and Body practitioners are highly trained and constantly expanding their knowledge through trainings and certifications.

We are dedicated to being a place clients can rely on to get the specific treatment or service that will enhance their lives. We provide facial treatments, waxing services and energy modalities. Therefore we treat a wide range of symptoms such as acne, aging, dry skin etc.  And we meet the needs of our clients with our men’s and women’s waxing. Finally our energy modalities release energy blocks, cut cords and heal on all levels of the mind, body and soul. We want to be your trusted holistic place that you, your family and friends come to!

Gerry Christopher Skin Care & Waxing is also committed to helping Oncology/ Cancer fighters and survivors with our certified Oncology Esthethics, Reiki and Energy Practitioners We provide a network along with resources to help you heal and restore. Our passion is to serve this community and it sets us apart from the competition.

Our History

Gerry started her Holistic / Alternative medicine journey in 1982. After a severe car accident, Gerry discovered Chiropractic care. In 1991, while in the Electronics, Gerry was overexposed to chemicals. She started becoming allergic to everything and hypersensitive to chemicals. She discovered Ayurvedic medicine. This totally turned her life around.

When Gerry became a Licensed Esthetician, she also took classes to become certified in Lasers. She is certified in Laser Hair Removal, IPL Facials, Fractional and Tattoo Removal. Her first job was a Med Spa in Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia. Besides Lasers, she also performed Chemical Peels and Facials. She had many clients that came in with Acne, Roseacea and Aging/ Hyper-pigmentation. She realized that the chemical peels were actually making her clients worse and not addressing their concerns. After a client was burned by a chemical peel, Gerry decided that she needed more intense and expansive education. She booked a Chemical Peel class in Manhattan, NY. This class changed her perspective completely – involving her life and career.

She realized that what she was taught before was misguided information. That she had been taught to address the symptom on the surface of the skin which resulted in at times damage to the client’s skin. This set her off to an extensive educational journey and a serious decision she would have to make about which direction she would take her Esthetics Career. She decided that she didn’t become an Esthetician to damage client’s skin and didn’t see any other skin care company with her Holistic vision. She knew this industry was in demand and was committed to holistic healing for the skin. She decided she would open Nu You Skin Care to stand by her morals, commitment and to fulfill on healing skin naturally with this new alternative direction.

In 2013, she opened Nu You Skin Care and was able to combine her knowledge of Ayurveda, Holistic treatments and Esthetics. She was surprised to find another niche, Male Waxing. She went to London, England and got her Certification in Male Waxing. She also realized that Skin Care companies were adding chemicals and fillers to their skin care products. She needed products that would heal the skin naturally without causing any harm or inflammation. And products that did not contain any chemicals that people may be sensitive to. She created Nu You Skin Care Professional Products with her son who is a Physicist. They created a product line that chemical free and contain no fillers. Best of all, Gerry’s products are very active, target specific problems, and give amazing results for healthy and beautiful skin.

In 2020, Gerry’s company transformed. Nu You Skin Care became Gerry Christopher Professional Skin Care and Waxing. We continue to transform the Skin Care Industry one Client Experience at a time!

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